Strawberry bombs

Strawberry bombs

 Strawberry bombs


100g Flour

4 eggs

100g Sugar (+ 2 tbsp.)

300g Strawberry jam

For the mousse:

250g Strawberries

500g mascarpone

2 egg whites

100g Sugar

3 tbsp. tablespoons Strawberry syrup

3 sheets of gelatin

Preparation steps

Preheat the oven to 200°C (th. 6/7).

Whisk the egg yolks vigorously with 100 g of sugar. Incorporate 4 beaten egg whites with a flexible spatula, sifting the flour gradually. Pour onto the baking sheet (29 x 37 cm) lined with baking paper, smooth with a spatula, and bake for 10 to 12 minutes.

Sprinkle a clean tea towel with 2 tbsp. Sugar. Turn the biscuit over while it is still warm, then peel off the baking paper. Roll the biscuit in its tea towel (widthwise, for a long, thin biscuit), squeezing: you will get tiny snails when cut. Let cool.

Wrap the biscuit in cling film. Unroll, spread with jam, and roll again. Refrigerate for 1 hour.

Soften the gelatin in a bowl of cold water for 5 min. Heat the strawberry syrup in the microwave and melt the drained gelatin. Whip the mascarpone with an electric mixer, then add the syrup. Gently fold in 2 beaten egg whites with the sugar, then the strawberries cut into small dice.

Remove the film. Cut the cake into thin slices, and lay them against the sides of a large salad bowl (ø 20 cm) lined with stretch film.

Fill with strawberry mousse. Cover with a film, top with weight, and place in the refrigerator for 4 hours.

Unmold the bomb on a serving dish, and enjoy immediately.

Enjoy !!!

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