Meat Samosa

Meat Samosa

Meat Samosa


• Carom seeds-1/4 tsp
• All-purpose flour- 2 cup
• Salt- as you want
• Oil- frying


Wash the minced meat properly. Take meat into the pressure cooker along with 1 glass of water and cook for about 1 whistle on high heat and 5 minutes on medium flame. Then drain the excess water using a strainer . Take a small amount of cooked meat in a blender and blend it coarsely. Blend all the cooked meat and take it out on a plate. Heat the oil into the pressure cooker and fry onion and green chili till onions are light golden…….

Blend ginger, garlic, cumin seeds, black pepper, cloves, cardamom brown & green to make a paste. Add the ground paste into the cooker and add red chili powder, turmeric powder, coriander powder and, 1 cup water and salt. Cook the spices on a slow flame for about 10 Minutes. Then add green peas into it and mix it well. Now the filling is ready.

Take flour, carom seeds, oil, and salt in a big bowl and add small amount of water to make hard dough. Take a ping pong size ball from the dough and roll it in a round circle using a rolling pin. Cut it into 2 halves. Make a samosa cone. Put 2 teaspoons of filling into cone and seal the third side. Heat the oil into wok or pan and deep fry the samosa on low flame until golden brown in color from both the sides. And now your meat samosa is ready... Hope you enjoy

Credit: khoobsuratworld

Picture: Masala TV

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