Chicken white sauce pasta

Chicken white sauce pasta

Chicken white sauce pasta


1tsp oil
1tsp of chopped garlic
2 tbs of maida
1.½ cup of milk
Boneless chiken
Pepper powder
Carrot , caPsicum.. onion
Soy sauce and chilly sauce


1. Marinate some boneless chiken (small size) with pepper powder and salt... and jst pan fry  it
2. In a pan take some butter and saute all veggies you like (carrot , caPsicum.. onion etc). . . add needed salt and a little bit of soy sauce and chilly sauce..
3. Cook your pasta( in boiling add salt and 1tsp oil)
4. Take other pan. add 2 tbs of butter...once the butter melts add 1tsp of chopped garlic and soute well... Then add 2 tbs of maida (all purpose flour) and cook it for 3 mins on low flame... then add 1 and a half cup of milk and stir it well untill it 'becomes a thick consistency...then add salt, PePPer powder, oregano and chilly flakes.
5. Add all cooked chiken, veggies and pasta to the white sauce and mix it well. ..check the salt. if needed add more.. Your pasta is ready..  Enjoy

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  1. This dish looks as it was served in a restaurant. I think that, also, it would be nice to add red caviar. What do you think about that?