My famous homemade shepherds pie

homemade shepherds pie

First I peel potatoes and chop them, get them boiling. (5 lb bag)
Then I start browning a pound and a half of ground beef with salt, pepper and minced garlic. 
I add chopped onions and shredded carrots about half way through browning. 
Then I drain my potatoes while the beef continues to cook covered in order to make the onions and carrots soft. 
Lid makes this process faster. 
Everyone does their mashed potatoes their own way but I use salt, pepper, minced garlic, one stick of butter and about a cup of milk (sometimes more) to desired creaminess and I use an electric cake mixer to get them nice and fluffy and creamy. 
Then I drain beef, put it evenly in the bottom of 13x9 baking dish, one can of drained French style green beans evenly over the beef, one can of beef gravy drizzled evenly over the beef and green beans, then I dump the mashed potatoes in and spread them evenly. 
Then top with shredded cheddar and parsley! 
Bake at 350 til the cheese is melted and bubbly. (25-30 minutes) 
Usually I just use a medium cheddar but this time 
I did medium cheddar mixed with white cheddar and it turned out amazing. 😋

Recipe by Analicia Schrader

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