1 yellow cake mix
1 c sugar
1 c coconut, flaked
1 8 oz sour cream
1 tsp almond extract
1 small container cool whip
1. Mix cake mix as directed on package grease and flour 2 8inch round cake pans bake as directed on package. Cool cakes completly.
2. While cake is baking, mix the filling: sour cream,sugar,almond and coconut in small bowl.
3. When cake has cooled completly, remove from pans and cut each layer in half sideways,(to make four layers)
4. Starting with first layer of cake add about 1/8 cup of filling mix on top of first layer and spread carefully over cake. then place next cake layer on top, add another layer of filling and carefully spread over cake layer. place another layer of cake, then another layer of filling do this until all filling is gone. (MIGHT NEED TO USE MORE FILLING ON LAST LAYER IF MORE THEN AN 1/8 CUP OF FILLING IS LEFT OR JUST JUDGE EACH LAYER YUU ARE FILLING?
5. When all layers are stacked frost with cool whip and sprinkle with flaked coconut.(CAN ALSO COLOR YOUR COCONUT FOR DIFFERENT HOLIDAYS WITH FOOD COLORING).

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