Enlightened Chocolate

Preparation time: 50 minutes
Cooking Time: 20 - 30 minutes

Ingredients (6 people):
Puff pastry:
6cl milk and 6cl water
2oz butter + 2oz icing 
2.1oz flour
2 eggs
2 teaspoon coffee caster sugar

Pastry cream (recipe here)


1.8oz chocolate dessert
0.7oz butter
1.4 oz icing sugar

1-Preparation of the choux pastry:
Put the milk, water, butter and sugar in a saucepan.
Bring to a boil then remove from heat.
Add the flour and mix quickly.
Return the pan to the heat and mix quickly to dry the dough.

2-Cast and cooking:
Off the heat, add the eggs, whisking well until dough is smooth.
With a pastry bag, form 10 small lightning on a well greased baking tray. Bake 20 minutes at 200 ° C (th6-7)

3-Prepare your pastry cream

4-Chocolate Icing:

Melt chocolate dessert in a water bath.
Stir in icing sugar and butter to mixture still in the water bath.
Once melted, remove from heat and add a tbsp. tablespoons of water.

5-Shaping lightning:
Cool lightning and splitting on the side and put the pastry cream with a pastry bag.
Frost lightning with chocolate preparation.
Refrigerate until ready to serve.

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